After the Dance

When I begin to kiss her,
my mind races a little.
The first few times our lips touch
are littered sadly
with decisions and evaluations.
I'm gauging her reactions,
thinking about where we've been,
where we're going,
how I can convince her to stay with me
through the night.

But then
I'm excited--
we're kissing!
I love her, and
I love the story
we're spinning in my mind.

She acts.
I do not know what she does.
It is a mystery.
It makes the world fall away.
It makes my body surge.
It makes my mind blank.
It makes my heart weak.
It makes me gasp for air.
It makes me soar.

I think it makes her soar too.

And there in the air in the end
We love one another
And look for the phoenix.

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