Tools used:
DHIS2, bash, cron, CSS, Final Cut Pro, GIMP, Github, Google Docs, HTML, Java, Javascript, Jira, postgres, Python, R, React, Reallusion CA

For the past eight years, PEPFAR has used the DHIS2 software to track life-saving interventions for millions of people living with HIV. Over 10,000 users in more than 50 countries enter data in DHIS2 core apps, nineteen custom react apps, and other software written in R, Java, Python, and other languages.

I work with a team of nine developers as well as other teams of developers, analysts, and managers to create and debug open-source and closed-source software to keep the records of this work of incredible global impact.

I have also written DHIS2 documentation, made videos about PEPFAR apps and DHIS2, and given presentations at the DHIS2 Symposium and the DHIS2 Annual Conference.

48 Hour Film Project

Tools used:
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Authorize.Net, bash, cron, CSS, GIMP, Google Analytics, HTML, ImageMagick, Javascript, Mailman, Paypal, and Perl

Running an annual film festival of 4,000 films in 100 cities with just four full-time staff is quite challenging, but the right technology can make it much easier. As the Chief Technology Officer and Technical Lead for the 48 Hour Film Project, I transformed a static, 30 page site into a 600-page, interactive, database-backed, e-commerce website.

For "behind the scenes" I created a 100-user, 200-page intranet including a content management system, database management and reports, database-integrated and timed-delivery mass emails, a calendar of worldwide events, syllabi, blogs, photo approval workflow, and automation of many common tasks.

Other Work Projects

Tools used:
Access, Apache, ColdFusion, CSS, FrontPage, GIMP, Google Analytics, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Linux, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Scheme, SQL Server, Visual Basic, and Windows

  • At iFactory, a design agency in Boston, I vetted and managed vendors to implement projects in Cascade Server, Craft, Django, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, eZ Publish, Kentico, Plone, Salesforce, SharePoint, Sitefinity, Spotlight, Typo3, WordPress, and vanilla HTML.
  • I taught classes on PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and jQuery at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts as well as classes on Perl, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, and other topics at Microcenter Education.
  • I developed a website using ColdFusion and Javascript for Newmark and Company Real Estates's New Jersey properties.
  • For the Harvard Microchemistry & Proteomics Facility, I increased the speed of a proteomics database processor by 5000% and streamlined and repaired an application that enabled identification of Mass Spectrometry results.
  • To support a Small Business Innovation Research grant for beingmeta, I developed statistical hooks and other supporting tools for a natural language database.
  • I wrote a web application for Dartmouth College's Interactive Media Laboratory which pioneered use of Javascript and Quicktime in transferring a desktop application to the web. (The application taught doctors how to interact with patients with AIDS.)
  • I created the first inventory tracking database for Harvest Co-op.
  • I was part of the team that created the first website for Baan Corporation in 1996. (Baan is now owned by Infor.)

Other Personal Projects

Tools used:
Apache, Bootstrap, CSS, Final Cut Pro, GIMP, Google Analytics, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Linux, MySQL, PHP, SlideJS, and SQL Server

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, I created! It uses Bootstrap, CSS, GIMP, HTML, jQuery, and SlideJS.
  • I designed and developed the website for Valley Improv, an improvisational comedy troupe founded in 2008.
  • I manage my to do list with Python code that integrates Taskpaper, Google Sheets, Jira, and two custom-built Android apps (one in React and one in Cordova).
  • I created the website for MOSAIC, a theatrical troupe I was part of that had weekly shows from 2006-2012. Our show had 18 sketches per performance, all written and performed by our troupe. The site included a user-friendly MySQL/PHP backend for updates.
  • I coded the Random Exhibit Title Generator.
  • I wrote a mad libs program for a Quaker epistle.