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The 48 Hour Film Project
a film festival for 4,000 films in 100 cities
Tools used for the 48 Hour Film Project website:
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Authorize.Net, bash programming, crontab, CSS, GIMP, Google Analytics, HTML, ImageMagick, Javascript, JSON, Mailman, Paypal, and Perl
Running an annual film festival of 4,000 films in 100 cities with just 4 full-time staff is no easy task, but technology can make it much easier. As the Chief Technology Officer and Technical Lead for the 48 Hour Film Project, I transformed a static, 30 page site into a 600-page, interactive, database-backed, e-commerce website.
For "behind the scenes" I created a 100-user, 200-page intranet including a content management system, database management and reports, database-integrated and timed-delivery mass emails, a calendar of worldwide events, syllabi, blogs, photo approval workflow, and automation of many common tasks.
I left full-time work at the 48HFP in 2011, but the infrastructure I built is still up and running at