Ben Guaraldi
:: "What Does George Fox Say"
What Does George Fox Say

“What Does George Fox Say”
a Quaker parody of Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say”

Quaker 1
Quaker 2
Quaker 3
Quaker 4
George Fox
    JM Moss
Michelle Brimage
Adam Kohrman
Linda Jenkins
Ammon Embry-Pelrine
Other Quakers Kieran Brackbill
Mary Alice Burke
Sara Burke
Madeleine Collins
Jeremiah Dickinson
Eric V. Fields
Doug Fitzgerald
John Fuller
Mary Gilbert
Isaiah Grace
Lisa Graustein
Xander Graustein
Ben Guaraldi
Clementine Jennings-Hess
Will Jennings-Hess
Monster Johnson
Leanna Kantt
M. Elaine Mar
Frederick Martin
Emily Neumann
Mary Patterson
Redfox #2
Ned Scannell
Helen Staab
Rachel Stacy
Ellen Stoolmacher
Honor Woodrow
Jailers Brook Boardman
JM Moss

concept by Lisa Graustein
midwifery by Will Jennings-Hess
Honor Woodrow
music by Ylvis/Stargate
vocals by Will Jennings-Hess
bird sound by
choreography by Clementine Jennings-Hess
catering by Rachel Stacy
puppetry by Peter Cancilla
production assistance by Clark Reddy
cinematography by Rocky Malin
produced, written,
edited and directed by

Ben Guaraldi

thanks to
Framingham Friends Meeting
Beth Collea
Boston Costume
Framingham Fire Department
Michael Glashow and Krissy Skare
Nia Thomas
Homer’s Cause
The Middlesex Fells Reservation
John Selig
Jean Schnell
voters who chose which Fox quotes to include
Wellesley Friends Meeting
and George Fox